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About Us

Over 15 years of Experience

We are your go-to certified disinfecting & cleaning technicians in town with certification and industry licenses and insurance.

We offer free, transparent and realistic price estimates and some of the most competitive home and office cleaning prices in the city. 

We work with the latest disinfecting cleaning equipment that ensures top stain removal and cleaning solutions for all types of business & residential.

Our disinfecting technicians begin every job with a careful assessment of the surface they are asked to service. 

This is needed in order to determine the safest and most efficient disinfecting methods that will prevent any damage. We use non-allergenic, A Super Cleaning that are safe to use in households with small children and pets or lots of foot traffic.

How We Can Help

We’ve used the past years to build both our own in-house specialist cleaning teams and to develop relationships with independent cleaning contractors, that enables us to meet even the most demanding of cleaning challenges.

How We Operate

We understand the time pressures which are associated with certain cleans and are able to mobilise a cleaning team quickly and efficiently to meet our clients requirements.

Our Staff

We hire experienced and proven cleaning staff and provide them with training that is specific to the location where they work
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